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By constantly staying updated with the latest market trends and introducing innovative concepts such as internal architecture, to add a new dimension to modern day living, Asha Contracting & Interiors (ACI) has endeared itself closely to its customers, some of which include high profile clients such as The Wave Muscat, Muscat Duty Free, Royal Opera House and Royal Hospital to name a few.

ACI has long been known for pioneering concepts such as internal architecture that add a new dimension to modern day living.  The introduction of Alno Kitchens is a reflection of ACI’s continuing efforts to bring a more comprehensive outlook towards home decor to Oman. Alno kitchens are each a masterpiece in itself, combining the finest German craftsmanship and the best materials from all over the world. ACI has over the years also earned the added specialty in designing Restaurants and its furniture. Its ability to reinvent itself with its vibrant colours, textures, patterns and designs, and at the same time allowing its customers greater scope for experimenting with their own imagination, has given it a unique position in the market.

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